Little Kingshill, Lounge

This project in Little Kingshill has been a really special one for us and I’m thrilled to finally share this amazing journey with you.

The family has lived in this house for 20 years and had never furnished it how they wanted to. The cavernous scale made it really difficult for them to figure out how best to lay this room out to make it cosy and inviting, which made it an amazing transformation for the whole family and a joy for us to create a room for them to spend time together enjoying and socialising in. We used joyful, uplifting colours to bring the beautiful rural surroundings outside into the design and into their home.

The size of this room is enormous, it is over 6 meters in width and 8 meters long, so we had to be very creative with scale to make it much cosier and more inviting.

We used a large scale spring tulip fabric by @designersguild on the curtains to make the windows feel less far away, oversized Rebecca Clark Bespoke sofas to provide enough seating for their social gatherings whilst feeling inviting and indulgent. We used a highly technical fabric that will withstand spillages and family life, and dressed the sofas with playful, vibrant florals and geometric fabric cushions.

The dark Wenge wood throughout the furnishings keeps everything sharp & contemporary, and the gold doors on the symmetrical sideboards and crystal accessories elevate the finish. Personal touches such as the tartan on the ottoman being a nod to a Scottish heritage, chairs with tables at the back of the room for saxophone playing, storage in the sideboards for work out equipment, all totally unique and functional for the family, making it not only beautiful but super practical too.

This room sings happiness and fun yet it’s deeply indulgent and luxurious too. It was a dream to create.