Autumn Interiors Update

A new interior design season is here, and we have been longing for autumn’s rich colour palette, cosy textiles and a chance to include the latest interior trends in our homes.

Autumn is a season when your home needs a little extra warmth, colour, and a calming atmosphere in which you can really relax and enjoy the cosiness it brings. The top interior design trends this autumn include – A palette of rich colours and textures which are wonderful pared with dark wood details. Curved shapes met with sharp lines and linea pieces. Jute and rattan. A reading corner. A convivial drinks trolley or table. Bringing greens and berry tones inside. A place to languish away a chilly afternoon, whether with a book, or with friends, the new need is for everything you need to be within comfortable reach in a decadent, relaxing atmosphere.

I’ve pulled together some of my favourite looks and pieces for this season for you here. Everything is of course available to purchase through us, just contact us to enquire. This is my most favourite season of the year, and the interiors are too. Enjoy!